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Hot Juicy Teacher Vol 1 - Social Studies

Varenr: 10306
Denne vare er udgået af vores sortiment, men kontakt vores kundeservice for alternative varer. Lagerstatus online: Udgået
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Pris: DKK 99

Hot Juicy Teacher Vol 1 - Social Studies

The story takes place at a top ranking prestegious school where two students attend.
Yuichiro Date, a student who was framed as a rapist at his old school and have been causing trouble ever since.
Hiromi Mizuki, a student who can not stand up for himself and is always being bullied on.
Yuichiro is here to revenge on all female teachers.
Thus Hiromi, is here to protect the one that he loves….

Studio: Japananime 
Running Time: 0:30