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ALEX D - GAME & OBEDIENCE - Eksklusiv Latex og SM Film

Varenr: 1072003487
Alex D
Lagerstatus online: Så længe lager haves
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Før:199 Rabat:100 (Kun 2 stk)
Pris: DKK 99

ALEX D -  GAME & OBEDIENCE - Eksklusiv Latex og SM Film

GAME & OBEDIENCE take place after a stormy meeting between Jill Diamond and Yvette Cousteau himself in a surreal this setup,
in which she has become a maid of ungracious Jill Diamond. 

Paris Pink pampered with a romantic tryst, the feet of Miss Eve,
who then revangiert with her. In another episode,
the White-breasted Kathleen masked by the screen by Jolanta Venus is observed only in the shower, and then kidnapped her.
After Jolanta Venus Kathleen White has found to be good, it is shaved from her and used for their pleasure.

Studio: Alex D 
Languages: German
Director: Alex D

Category : Bizarre, Bondage, Fetish, Hospital Sex, Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, SM, Special Offers

Cast: Yvette Costeau, Paris Pink, Kathleen White, Jolanta Venus, Miss Eve, Jill Diamond

84 min.