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Adventures Of Johnny Utah - Irene and Cheyenne leger med sine Slaver - Irene Boss

Varenr: adventure-johnny
Denne vare er udgået af vores sortiment, men kontakt vores kundeservice for alternative varer. Lagerstatus online: Udgået
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Pris: DKK 299

The premise: Irene and Cheyenne are very angry, because they flew all the way out to Los Angeles to make a video with Bart and he has decided that he has retired because he has a new girlfriend! He volunteers Johnny Utah to be his stand in. This is unacceptable. Irene and Cheyenne don't know Johnny.

The action: This simply will not do! Irene and Cheyenne decide to tackle Bart and force him to be in the video! They turn Johnny Utah into the cameraman. Bart is wrestled to the floor and stripped naked by the two aggressive Dominas, and he is restrained and beat up with boxing gloves too! Bart is strapped to the spinning wheel, and taken for a ride. He faces some serious CBT from the 2 Ladies! This is guaranteed to be one of the funniest moments in BDSM comedy that you will ever see! The Ladies require some refreshment often during this workout, so the slave "house boy" is summoned and humiliated a few times.

The ridiculous narration and sarcastic comments from Johnny Utah become so obnoxious that the Ladies cannot stand it anymore, and they finally drag him from behind the camera and conquer him!



He is dominated on the pillory with severe bull whipping. His 'business' is restrained to the whipping post. He is caned and spanked over an inverted bondage table. Irene rips his underwear off with her teeth, and whips painful plastic clothespins off his ass. He is still wearing the marks one year later!



The finale features worship of fetish shoes, lovely toes and feet along with pantyhose smothering involving the two slaves, houseboy and Johnny Utah. Johnny winds up being left alone in a cold marble coffin to atone for his smart-ass behavior!



Medvirkende :  Lady Cheyenne, Johnny Utah, Irene Boss, Brat Bart, Houseboy 
Spilletid ca. 58 min.